Be an English Teacher

Be an English Teacher

If you have trouble finding a good job, or feel depressed with your go-nowhere actual job or simply you would like to earn some extra money and have good knowledge of the English language ( not only written English but spoken English ) we have an excellent opportunity for you.
We offer you to become an English Teacher! We will train you and we will make you
an excellent Professional English teacher capable of teaching English effectively in any place in Mexico.
There is a forever need for good English Teachers in Juarez, Chihuahua,and most cities in Mexico.
The good English schools are having big trouble to fill the opening positions they have, because they can not find good candidates to fill them.
There are many persons that speak English but having a good domain of it does not mean you can really teach it to a class! You need to be trained to do that!
We can train you! We will give you the Theory but more important we will make you practice like there is not tomorrow until you feel super confident that you can do it.
You will be able to perform excellent job interviews even the “ teach me a lesson right now” kind of interviews and You will get the job offer!

The course instructor will be Mr Portillo , PhD in Education with a Masters Degree in Education from UTEP. Mr Portillo has 35 years+ of experience teaching English, Directing School programs of English for the best schools in Cd Juarez like San Patricio ( 12 years), CEDI and others. He has trained many English teacher during his career. There is not better instructor that you could get in México with such impressive credentials but more importantly with his vast experiencein the trenches.

We will teach you how to  develop your classroom management skills and that will become you in a very good teacher.
We will equip you with  knowledge that  will make you able to go into your any  ESL ( English as Second Language) English Classroom and teach with confidence.

Learn how to keep your class in control in many situations. We will include the following subjects in the 7 weeks training: .

This course covers the nexts topics:

Different Learning styles
Class Planning
Objective design
Class Logistics
How to keep order in the class
Motivational workshops
Programs Styles
Exams Format
Neurolinguistics applied to a classroom.
* Turning a boring classroom into a fun one
* Dealing with different group sizes
* How to deal with problematic students
* Teaching Skills
* And much more
The knowledge that you are going to get from this course will be invaluable the next time that you step into a classroom. After following the information given in this course, you can say goodbye to teaching long and boring classrooms that feel that are never ending.

If you believe that you are ready to improve your life by developing a new career path for you becoming an English Teacher, please enroll in our course, you won’t regret it .

The course will cost $6000 pesos, paying $ 2000 at registration and then $2000 every 2 weeks.

Course starts in November 3rd, 2015

please call 617 6101 for mor information  or send email to

Become a teacher of english